Easy to build brand but Tough to maintain it.

What is Crisis?

C- Calculate the
R- Risk
S- System & Strategy
I-Implement the
S- Stuff.

Crisis management is nothing but it’s like Reputation management.

In personnel or Business life no one with you when you are in Crisis.

Tools & Metric of Crisis Management.

Analysis of matter, predicts the damage, calculate the risk, create Barometer of Crisis & make the Report

Construct new Strategy, Concept & Design new campaign.

Identify tools & Set the Establishment of all channel like radio, TV, News channel, Social media, News paper etc… for instant recovery.

Dilute the Intensity of Crisis.

Create & build Task team with Suggestion, Tools, training & remedy.

Change the Track.

Set the Radar to Competitor, Rival & market for latest update & stop the more damage.

Start new campaign, Activity, Mission, & Engage max people with this.

Regain Attachment of people either by Sympathy, hope or new Initiative.

Develop new community of believers, followers, Users trough personally or institutionally Campaign.

Build Credit & Repo again and Maintain Status & Reputation.

Know how we do it

Repudation Management
Build Repo & Credit
Recovery Damage
Use Social Media to positive reply
Create the favourable base, Community, Audience
Conduct server, poll, Review
Research & case study Report on crisis
Prepare Construction Strategy
Handle the media, public
Dilute the Controversy
Make Reverse the system from 50% damage to 1%
Change the track & genrate the new wipe

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